The Cesass  (Study and Assistance Centre for Foreign Students) is pleased to announce the new section devoted entirely to the events related to extra-curricular activities.

Each month is offered to foreign students - attending the courses of Italian Language and Culture - the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that can involve the students during their study/journey.

From trips in remote places of historical importance and guided tours in museums and historic buildings to more several activities that allow students to share their culture of origin and to better express their own identity, comparing it with both the Italian and that of other students from all over the world.

Every single student, in fact, may well experience what the city of Reggio Calabria and the Calabrian and Sicilian territory offer.

At the end of his/her study/journey, each student can be satisfied - having been always an active participant of life in and out the university and having also also appreciated the manners, customs and traditions of Italian culture.



Progetto "Un Viaggio di Fantasia tra i sussurri


Il Progetto "Un Viaggio di Fantasia tra i sussurri" è un'attività creata dagli studenti stranieri del Corso B2 e coordinata dalla Prof.ssa Anna Maria Barreca durante il modulo di "Lingua Scritta" trattato durante il mese di Dicembre 2014.

In questo percorso di scrittura, l'insegnante propone un tipo di scritto chiamato libero, perchè sono gli studenti che scelgono il tema, la forma espressiva, il registro linguistico.

Tutti i lavori dei singoli studenti vengono poi assemblati e organizzati in un unico prodotto che è possibile visualizzare in allegato:

Scarica l'allegato

MARCH 2014

On The March 11th, 2014 at 15.00 Cesass (Study and Assistance Centre for Foreign Students) has had the pleasure to offer to foreign students of the University "Dante Alighieri" a brief , but intense activity of the discovery of cultural and artistic reality of Reggio Calabria.

The programme included:

  1. a visit at the Municipal Art Gallery, where it was possible to admire great works of art by local and national artists;
  2. a visit at the Museum of Magna Grecia, where students were able to appreciate the results of the restoration of the famous Riace Bronzes.

The study/journey - undertaken by students along with the teachers in the classes of Italian language and culture – materialized thanks to the efforts of Cesass in allowing students to experience effectively the Italian culture.

In conclusion, a short stop at ice cream parlor has given the students a pleasant memory of the day lived, creating a sharing moment among all.

Here the list of participants:

  1. Lakiichuk Vadym  (Ucraina)
  2. Mtandauya Salome Edward (Tanzania)
  3. Obala Dastin (Nigeria)
  4. Petrova Elena (Kazakistan)
  5. Zanina Aleksandra (Russia)
  6. Hironaka Tomoki (Giappone)
  7. Okruzhnova Ekaterina (Russia)
  8. Klanovets Viktoriya (Ucraina)
  9. Peshunov Ivo (Bulgaria)
  10. Sillaots Kerli (Estonia)
  11. Vaulina Krsitina (Kazakistan)



The CESASS (Study and Assistance Centre for Foreign Students) OF the University for Foreigners is with great satisfaction announceS that on Friday, February 28TH, 2014 was celebrated the ceremony of greeting addressed to departing students.

It  was a sharing opportunity to let all students live moments such as:

  • gratification (because the teachers of the courses of italian language and culture gave them the certificates of achievement and study-grants);
  • joy (because through a photo contest - on the theme "the carnival, seen through the eyes of foreign students" - were shown pictures taken by students during the educational trip to acireale to attend the carnival and were awarded with three prizes (consisting in study-vouchers) to the three winners and some gift vouchers (consisting in a discount for future educational trips) to all those who submitted interesting pictures);
  • surprise (because it's been done a rank of carnival in which the typical masks of the italian art comedy (such as harlequin, pulcinella , pantalone, etc... ) drawn by the students were matched with various kinds of prizes: discount coupons , gadgets, etc... ) ;
  • gluttony (because at the carnival buffet, with the typical "chiacchiere" [mardi gras fritters], as a base, the students exchanged jokes, greetings and smiles).  

Events like this leave positive memories of all the study period and the cesass’ aim, as well as that of the teachers, is simply to ensure that every student can feel cuddled, spoiled and surrounded by a magical and familiar atmosphere, made by small gestures, but so special as to desire to come back here at our University.


view the photo contest - february 2014

20th DECEMBER 2013

The CESASS (Study and Assistance Centre for Foreign Students) - as usual at the end of the two-month courses of Italian language and culture - has had the opportunity to greet the departing students by offering an official ceremony of greetings.

During that ceremony, students received certificates of achievement and the consequent study-grants.

As a result, the occasion was made interesting by the presentation of the photo contest (click to view it), organized to allow students - who had participated in the educational trips in Calabria and Sicily - to exhibit their pictures. So, after a careful evaluation the three winning students were able to collect their respective awards (consisting in Study-Vouchers).

The next christmas drawing - organized as a raffle - allowed the participants to receive some prizes celebrating the Christmas season, in order to be considered as small memories of this experience of study.

The framework of the day's activities was the choir - led by maestro soprano Maria Concetta Pipitone - that has contributed to give the perfect atmosphere to moments of cultural sharing.

Finally, the students - involved in the earlier days by CESASS within an extra-curricular activity related to the dance of “tarantella” - have surprised the audience by performing , sharing what has been learned and also obtaining a certificate of participation..

Their performance, which gave a moment of conviviality and joy, has successfully completed the ceremony.


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