Degree course in:
"Programmazione e gestione delle politiche e dei servizi sociali d'area mediterranea"

(classe L–87-Servizio Sociale e Politiche Sociali)

Within the Faculty of "Scienze della società e della formazione d'area mediterranea", the Degree in "Programmazione e gestione delle politiche e dei servizi sociali d'area mediterranea", has been created.

Specific educational objectives of the Degree course
Graduates of the post-graduate degree courses must:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the theories of social service and an ability to use and test the advanced methodologies and innovative social service;
  • Have a thorough knowledge of sociology, social work, anthropological, economic, statistical, ethical, philosophical, legal, political, pedagogical, psychological and historical resources;
  • Have a good knowledge of related disciplines in the social service regarding specific fields of application;
  • Have a thorough methodological skills of social research on the detection and treatment of data and understanding of the functioning of complex societies, even in specific application areas;
  • Have skills to decode the complex needs of individuals, families, groups and territory for the formulation of social diagnosis, for psycho-social counseling, for mediation interventions in the family, juvenile, social and criminal areas, for the management and the organization of resources in both the public and private sectors;
  • Have skills to project integrated systems of welfare and activate and manage local, national and international programs in the field of information, awareness, accountability, consultation and social protection of groups and communities to protect their social rights;
  • Have ability in planning, organization and management in the field of managerial policies, social services and social and health services, public and private social analysis and evaluation of quality of services and the services performed;
  • Have appropriate skills for communication and information management;
  • Have qualifying experience in relation to specific areas of intervention and training objectives linked to the curriculum;
  • Be able to use at least one European language besides Italian, with  vocabulary for Special Purposes.

    Career opportunities for graduates
    Such graduates with this Degree will be able to curry out  the functions of organization, management and consulting to individuals, organizations and institutions, and these functions may relate to relational dynamics, the management of human resources, the organization of resources and structures and the management of economic agencies, services and organizations, as well as the project  of social policies.

    Graduate of the degree programs of this specialization can operate in independent professional activity, in the preventive-promotional managerial, educational, training and research areas, as well as co-operate in the processes of social inclusion and cohesion, recognition of social rights.

    Requirements for access
    Admission certification is that required by the law. Graduates in the following undergraduate curricula can access the Degree in "Programmazione e gestione delle politiche e dei servizi sociali d'area mediterranea”:


  • Servizio sociale (L-39)
  • Sociologia (L-40)
  • Scienze e tecniche psicologiche (L-24)
  • Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione (L-19)
  • Scienze dei servizi giuridici (L-14)
  • Scienze economiche (L-33)
  • Scienze dell'economia e della gestione aziendale (L-18)
  • Scienze della amministrazione e della organizzazione (L-16)
  • Scienze sociali per la cooperazione, lo sviluppo e la pace (L-37)
  • Mediazione linguistica (L-12).

Also those who are in possession of a degree obtained under the old system in one of the classes corresponding to those above, may be eligible for the Degree.

Graduates from degree programs of other classes subject to prior approval of the Faculty Council can also access the course.

Students of the degree course will be registered without any debts, although objective evidence of understanding of technical texts (also in English) will be required and verified; through individual interviews the possession of logical structures and cultural and cognitive prerequisites in order to fill the gaps that might be an obstacle for effective participation in the course will be curried out.

The academic regulations of the degree course will determine the procedures for verification of the curricular requirements and the level of personal preparation (for example: tests, interviews, etc..).

Structure of the Bachelor
Course is organized in accordance with the following general framework of training activities carried out by teaching courses, seminars, tutorials, independent study, labs and internships:


First year
Activity SSD Subject CFU
Caratterizzante SECS-P/01 Economia Politica II 12
Caratterizzante M-PSI/05 Psicologia sociale III 9
Caratterizzante SPS/08 Sociologia dei processi culturali e comunicativi II 15
affine M-STO/01 Storia medievale 6
caratterizzante IUS/01 Diritto privato 9
altre attività - Materia a scelta 6


Second year
Activity SSD Subject CFU
affine LIN/06
Lingua e letterature ispano-americane II
oppure Lingua e letteratura araba II
oppure Linguistica italiana II
caratterizzante IUS/10 Diritto Amministrativo 9
altre attività - Materia a scelta 6
altre attività - Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche 6
altre attività - Abilità informatiche e telematiche II 6
- - Stages e Tirocini 12
- - Prova finale 18


Indications of optional courses, provided by the University,
to choose from " Materia a scelta dello studente ".
SSD Subject CFU
L-FIL-LET/10 Letteratura italiana 6
SPS/09 Principi e fondamenti dei servizi sociali 6
SPS/07 Metodi e tecniche del Servizio sociale 6
SPS/09 Organizzazione dei servizi sociali 6
M-PSI/05 Teorie e tecniche della mediazione linguistica culturale 6
SPS/12 Sociologia della devianza e della criminologia 6
IUS/10 Contabilità degli Enti Locali e contrattualistica pubblica 6


Indications of the language courses to choose
from as "Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche" and as "Materia a scelta dello studente" :
SSD Subject CFU
L-LIN/06 Lingua e letterature ispano-americane II 6
L-Or/12 Lingua e letteratura araba II 6
L-LIN/12 Lingua e traduzione - Lingua inglese I e II 6
L-Or/21 Lingue e letterature della Cina e dell'Asia sud Orientale 6
L-LIN/12 Lingua inglese II 6


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