The Erasmus+ programme for staff mobility for training aims to improve the skills and competencies of teaching and non-teaching staff in order to support their professional development. An Erasmus+ training period can take the form of (language) training events (excluding conferences and workshops), job-shadowing, observation periods or short courses at a partner university or at another relevant organisation abroad.
 It enables staff from higher education institutions to spend time abroad with partner universities and other organisations/enterprises for training and teaching assignments.
 You can participate in a training period in any of the Erasmus+ programme countries, which include all the EU member states. You can find a list of the programme countries on the Erasmus+ website of the European Commission.





Staff: Avv. Maria Dattola - Dott.ssa Serena Stilo
Mobility and International Affairs Office

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Università Per Stranieri "Dante Alighieri" (RC)
Via del Torrione n°95, 89125
Reggio Calabria



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