Educational trips

The Ce.S.A.S.S. (Study and Assistance Center for Foreign Students) - to make profitable, and at the same time pleasant, the stay of foreign students enrolled at the University "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria - presents, in collaboration with the Board of Teachers, the program of educational trips for the year 2015, in order to raise awareness of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Calabria.

This program of educational trips and visits to the National Museum of Reggio Calabria, Palazzo della Cultura, Museo del Bergamotto,  Pinacoteca Civica  and the City Seeing Tour are part of the wide range of services that Cesass delivers to foreign students enrolled in Courses of Italian Language and Culture.

Participation in educational trips will be entitled to a training credit (CFU / ECTS). For all information relating to credits you can refer to the schedule information (into the page for the Courses Italian Language and Culture).

The educational trips are designed to supplement the normal educational and cultural programming and therefore will take advantage of two teachers of the courses Italian Language and Culture who will accompany students.

It is undisputed the instructive importance of the trip involving students, whereas it will enhance even their level of socialization. In fact, the harmony that is created between them on these occasions makes their stay more pleasant and their temporary detachment from family less burdensome.

To this end, the Ce.S.A.S.S. discloses the following program for the year 2019:

* N.B. - The program of educational trips in 2019 may be subject to additions and / or changes, which will be communicated in advance to the participants.

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