The Ce.S.A.S.S. (Center for Studies and Assistance Foreign Students) - on behalf of the University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria -offers Scholarships (which is equivalent to the cost of the course for which they are assigned) for the attendance of courses Italian Language and Culture. The allocation of these grants is governed by the Regulations published below:



The Ce.S.A.S.S. – periodically also publishes calls for the award of Scholarships (consisting of an economic subsidy) addressed to foreign students who enroll in Courses of Italian Language and Culture at the University.

These Scholarships aim at helping foreign students who wish to carry out their studies in Italy and to promote international cooperation and the dissemination of knowledge of the Italian language and culture.
In the space below, it is possible to view some ongoing announcements where is specified how to apply.




NB. It is also possible to receive scholarships:
- By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In fact, it grants scholarships to citizens of countries with which it has special agreements. ((
- By the Calabria Region, which grants scholarships to natives of Calabria who want to attend courses and those - who are interested - can request information directly to the Region Offices. (
- from the University itself. Foreign students can enroll in the Degree Programmes, receiving a scholarship that covers the tuition fees  for the overall duration of the courses

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